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Laksa Shack? So-so laa.

Posted: July 29, 2010 in My Travel Food

Yesterday i’ve decide with my friends to try something new here which is Laksa Shack. Located in the middle of MITC and placed in the biggest Mydin Mart in Malaysia so we going there hoping there will be a great new experience toward their specialty food that is laksa.  We arrived about 5 pm and there’s only have around 4 customer in that time. We have a seat and starting to look at the menu. wow! the menu was so great with a lot variable of laksa and some melayu food like nasi lemak,nasi ayam etc but the price is like boom! haha. i mean its too expensive for a bowl of laksa. the price for laksa is about rm9.90 per bowl. but in my mind maybe the laksa that provide by this restaurant is soo special compare with other place so no complaining. i ordered a laksa set which is a bowl of laksa (choice on you which laksa you want, like asam laksa  etc), 2 piece of otak2 and a glass of bandung cincau. the price that written in the menu is rm14.90. my friend ordered set nasi which is plain nasi with variety of side dishes like rendang ayam, bergedil etc and can you guess the price for nasi set? rm29.90! haha. but never mine because my friend share it with my other friend so both of them eat the same set. 😀 then we babbling for about 15 minutes before the laksa arrived, my laksa are the first to come so my first impression is fuyooo! haha because the bowl for laksa is soo big and the laksa inside the bowl is so small in amount! 😀 after that my friend set nasi come and there’s a lot of side dishes as we looked in the menu. what are we waiting for? eatlaa! haha. i eat, i looked at the menu, then i eat and i looked at the menu again. you know why? the taste of laksa is not soo good as it price laaa! the kuah is ok but the laksa itself is not good. i feel like eating vermicelli(mihun) rather than laksa. hurmmmm. but i finish its asap and try the otak2 and you know what? the otak2 is far more good in it taste than the laksa! 😀 i think they should change the name to Otak2 Shack! hahaha. so i finish it up quickly with my 3 others friends. they’ve said the nasi with the all side dishes is quite good. so i paid mine and the price going up to rm16.90! OMG! the tax in our local restaurant is more expensive than the KFC! lol. @.@!

p/s- sorry i’m not uploading the picture because i forgot to take it just before we eat. hehe. ;p


Asam Pedas Melaka

Posted: July 27, 2010 in Recipe

This is the first time i’m uploading a recipe in my blog. So i decided to choose one of my favorite dishes in Malacca(since i studying here :D) which is Asam Pedas Melaka. For those who first time come to Malacca, I highly recommended this hot and spicy dishes to you because it will make you sweat and more sweaty after eat it! 😀

So below are the recipe for this delicious dishes.


a) Fish(any type of fish but usually people will use Pari or Tenggiri)

b) 3-4 pieces of okra

c) One bowl of tamarind pulp blend with hot water.

Item that will be grind*

d) 1 big onion*

e) 5  cloves of garlic*

f) 1 inch of ginger *

g) a bit of belacan *

h) 10 stalk of cili kering*

Item to be sauté paste**

i) 2 tea spoon of halba campur **

j) half of red onion**

k) 3 cloves of garlic**

l) 1 inch of ginger**


1. Heat the oil and fry the sauté paste. Fry until it smell nicely.
2. Put into the grind item. Stir until the cili kering nicely brown.
3. Mix with one bowl of tamarind pulp (that been blend with hot water) and stir. You can add more water if you want.
4. When to sauce starting to boiling, you can throw fish inside the sauce.
5. Put in the okra when the fish almost done.
6. Ready to eat!

Don’t forget to try it!


My Passion

Posted: July 27, 2010 in My Life

hello there.  i’m trying to expose my passion here in my new blog about COOKING.

why i have an interest in this kind of topic? nobody knows. maybe it just my favorite hobby during my leisure time. ;)

i hope people will enjoy looking at my blog while getting some ideas for what to cook at their own home.

i will trying to upload the best recipe and picture that owned by me or for what I’ve found.

so do keep in touch.