Finding For The Best Otak2! :D

Posted: August 2, 2010 in My Travel Food

Hola everyone! Last night i with my few friends trying to find the best otak2 in ayer keroh region but suddenly become a tragic story. haha. the journey started with an idea from friend to go out and watching drift near our i agree and just follow them with wearing a simple t-shirt and my favorite torn short. haha. riding a motorcycle is the best way to get out from traffic jam because there’s a lot of people watching the drift tournament actually(its an international drift tournament). so we ride our motorbike to the drift location and u guess what? the tournament will start tomorrow! not that night! haha. i feel like wanna rip my friend stomach and eat it because i’m not eat anything yet since my friend said want to watch that drift first before we go to eat. after that we change our plan to go eat something special to recover our sadness because cannot watch drift tournament that night. haha. so one of my friend(actually my roommate) suggesting us to eat some nice Otak2 in the place he’s always go to eat that Otak2. hearing that my friend always go there to eat that “special” Otak2, we riding with full speed to that place. my friend said it near bukit beruang if i’m not mistaken. after passed a few “damn” traffic light we arrived at that place. at first i think we arrive at the wrong place because all the hawker over there are chinese, but i think maybe there’s a malay stall trapped there. haha. then my friend lead all of us to the stall that he always go, but we cannot find any malay stall there and i and my other friend start to talk to ourselves is this the real place? and all the chinese people who eat there staring at us and guess what are we malay finding around the chinese stall? suddenly one mamak calling for us “adik! sini mari laa, mana u orang mau pigi? sana suma cina punya kedai. sini saja melayu makan.” hah?! we starting to laugh ourselves and quickly sit at that mamak stall. hahaha:D that was really funny. we take the menu and order quickly. i ordered a large glass of carrot juice and maggi goreng so with my other friend. then we start to poke my friend who suggest us to eat Otak2 in that place. we laugh so loud in that mamak stall and it really noisy.:D after that our drink arrive and that was sooo big for a glass.

i think we can call it a jug rather than glass. haha. the juice is nice and full with carrot. then i eat my maggi goreng. it really nice actually(maybe because i never had maggi goreng at mamak for a long2 time! :D). not so long to wait my maggi to finish and we babbling, poking my friend until the mamak that calling for us just now changing the tv channel and its a football game between Arsenal and my favorite team! AC Milan! u know what, this is the first time i watch AC Milan in their pre-season game! so we watch the game for about 20  minutes before a strong wind come and its about to have a heavy rain in that night. my friend wanna go back because we only riding a bike and if we late then there will be a free shower without soap before arrive at home! haha.


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